Virtual CIO

Create a plan with an outsourced CIO to truly connect your business to your technology!

How important is your IT to your business? Stop and think for a moment about everything you use IT for every day, and then rank its important from 1-10.

Most businesses assign their IT an importance of 9 or 10. After all, you use IT for so much… from communicating with clients and partners to completing daily tasks to simply connecting online for those little things you need to learn.

So if your IT rates a 9 or 10, shouldn’t your IT support rate that high too?

It’s time to truly connect your business and your technology. Sensible Systems, LLC. is your Technology Partner – an outsourced Chief Information Officer (CIO) that works with you as an extension of your business, aligning your IT investments to your real business needs.

  • Analysis of business practices and existing technology to understand how YOU use IT
  • Understanding how your staff use IT on a daily basis to help them improve productivity
  • Guidance on strategic IT investments and overall budgeting
  • Creation of a 3-year IT plan focused on adopting cost-effective technology to improve and streamline business operations
  • Planning for technology refreshes and strategies in the long-term to maximize IT’s impact on business operations
  • Collection and analysis of business data like finances, efficiency, human resources, and more
  • Regular reviews of your IT plan to discover new solutions to improve productivity and streamline operations

Sensible Systems, LLC.: Connecting your business to your technology.

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