IT Services for Commercial Real Estate

Is your commercial real estate firm leveraging the latest technologies to attract and maintain customer attention? IT Services for Commercial Real Estate covers all of your IT support needs, from sourcing and implementing new technologies to maintaining, streamlining, and securing your current data and workflow.

What Can a Commercial Real Estate Firm Expect when partnering with Sensible Systems for Managed IT Services?

Sensible Systems delivers a holistic set of IT services designed to meet the precise needs of commercial real estate companies. Our IT solutions are all-inclusive and available within a monthly subscription model. Our approach to IT services and cybersecurity for commercial real estate firms hinges upon the implementation of proactive technology protocols that prevent potential threats long before they have the opportunity to penetrate and exploit our clients’ networks and systems.

We place a high emphasis on utilizing the best technology tools to streamline workflow processes and improve the overall customer experience.

Among the services we offer our customers are:

  • Data and network management
  • Systems integration
  • CRM and ERP solutions
  • Security and compliance
  • Mobility technology solutions
  • Cloud services and applications
  • Online platforms to streamline important tasks such as web design, marketing, online listing, etc.

What is Technology’s Role in Today’s Commercial Real Estate Sector?

Meeting the Expectations of Your Clients

Technology has changed the face of the commercial real estate market, with customers expecting more from their experience in sourcing, buying, and selling properties. This shift has forced real estate agencies to move towards a more digital focus, a switch that affects everything from a company’s front-office service to its marketing and sales divisions.

From virtual tours to digital signatures on real estate contracts and more, technology is increasingly becoming a vital part of every agency’s daily operations. In a world of immediacy, failure to deliver on what customers are looking for via technology tools can lead to frustrated customers and loss of sales.

Bridging Geographical Distance for Investors

The commercial real estate market has become increasingly attractive to investors. With investors around the globe often interested in properties far outside their personal residential zone, technology bridges the gap in potential transactions.

Resiliency and Security of Network, Mobile Workflow, and Data

Sensible Systems has the necessary skills to assist commercial real estate firms by leveraging leading IT protocols to secure, stabilize, and streamline the workflow and data of the firm to promote greater efficiency and improved performance.

Five Ways Technology Can Benefit Real Estate Businesses

  • Data analytics delivered in real-time to assist with important decisions
  • Proactive cybersecurity measures to protect against cyberattacks
  • Improved processes for payroll and other financial transactions
  • Streamlined IT assets to deliver a function-rich experience for customers
  • 360 virtual tours to promote buyer interest in properties worldwide
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