IT Services For Law Firms

Law firms need a secure and reliable network if they want to promise potential clients they will “always be there for them” and actually mean it.

  Sensible Systems, LLC. knows how to make your network more reliable, and our solutions will also make your workers more productive and allow you to cut down on maintenance costs.

  • Remote monitoring: we’ll monitor your network for suspicious activity. Viruses are caught and quarantined before they do any damage.
  • Email filtering: cybercriminals are always looking to infiltrate vulnerable networks… one of their many infiltration methods is to send out emails that trick victims into opening a link or attachment that contains malware. We’ll stop such emails from making it to your inbox.
  • Responsive support: we don’t drag our feet when responding to support requests. When you need to report a problem you have multiple ways of reaching us: give us a call, send an email, or leave a message through our online ticketing system. As soon as we’re alerted to your issue we’ll start fixing it.
  • Disaster recovery: proper maintenance and filters will protect you from most threats, but disaster is always possible. Our mix of on-site and off-site backups will allow you to restore all your files no matter what happens.
  • Workforce mobilization: migrating to the cloud allows your employees to be more productive. Rather than be restricted to the office, they’ll be able to remotely access business data and use their laptop or smartphone to work on projects from wherever they can find an internet connection (home, Starbucks, a hotel, etc.). Your team members are more productive when they can work around their busy schedules and work in the environment they’re most comfortable in.

 We know how to maintain your IT infrastructure and keep your data secure.

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