IT Security

Are you protected from web-based attacks?

There’s a hydra-headed element to the threats that are out there.

As soon as the IT security community figures out the solution to one problem, a dozen new threats have been developed and deployed. It never stops. Our comprehensive security solution works on multiple layers to keep you as protected as you can possibly be.

  • Email filtering: one of the most likely ways your network will be infected with malware is from an employee opening a trap attachment in a spam/phishing message. We’ll set up filters that block such messages from ever making it to your inbox, and we’ll train your employees to practice more conservative attachment-opening and web browsing habits.
  • Network monitoring: our firewalls and filters will protect you from the majority of potential threats, but some of the more cleverly-engineered threats will find their way through. We keep watch of your network 24/7 to detect any suspicious traffic and catch viruses before they can do much damage.
  • Mobile device security: it’s convenient to use public Wi-Fi and work from your laptop or smartphone (maybe with some coffee or even a croissant on the side). But that convenience can come at significant cost: using public Wi-Fi opens your network up to additional security risks if you aren’t adequately protected. We provide the protection you need to access files remotely without compromising your security.

Sensible Systems, LLC. knows how to block unauthorized access and secure your sensitive data.

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