Systems Virtualization

Small to medium sized businesses often don’t have much of an IT budget to work with. It’s a real challenge to maintain a reliable and secure network with such a budget.

Sensible Systems, LLC. allows you to get the most out of a slim IT budget by utilizing the cost-cutting and production-boosting benefits of systems virtualization.

  • Scalability: it’s nearly impossible to figure out a cost-effective plan for growth with on-site equipment. Every time you see substantial growth you’ll have to invest in expensive new hardware, and if business slows down you’ll be stuck with a bunch of expensive hardware you don’t even need. By remotely accessing a limitless pool of server space over the cloud, you can scale up your service without having to invest in additional equipment.
  • Cut Maintenance and Electricity Costs: with new servers, there’s more to consider than just the large initial investment. There’s also the ongoing electricity and maintenance costs you’ll be on the hook for. Cloud computing allows you to take advantage of additional equipment without being responsible for supporting that equipment.
  • Mobilize Your Workforce: there’s no reason to keep your employees cooped up in an office. Virtualizing your systems and migrating important folders/files to the cloud allows your employees to access business data remotely from their personal laptop or smartphone. It will be easy for your team members to share files and collaborate on projects from home, a hotel, a café, or anywhere else they can find an Internet connection.

Sensible Systems, LLC. knows how to use cloud computing to make your workforce more productive.

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