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More and more businesses are starting to adopt new technology and take advantage of the benefits offered by the latest developments in IT.

But businesses need to be aware that the benefits offered by more tools and an expanded network can potentially be accompanied by extra security concerns.

Take the cloud, for instance. The benefits are clear: your workers can get more done when they’re able to contribute from their home or in the field instead of being limited to office hours. But every mobile device remotely linked to your network represents another access point cybercriminals could take advantage of.

Also, if you invest in new equipment, you will get more in return from your investment if you regularly assess and maintain your hardware to make sure it’s running at optimal levels and isn’t in danger of failing.

Sensible Systems, LLC. will be remote monitoring your network 24/7 to solve problems before they result in downtime.

  • Skilled and experienced technicians: our staff is as skilled and experienced as any IT department you’d be able to put together, and using our services is much more affordable than the hiring process and ongoing wages/benefits you’d have to invest in with in-house IT workers.
  • Proactive solutions: instead of constantly scrambling to fix tech issues as they pop up, we’ll properly maintain your network so that you have fewer problems in the first place.
  • Long-term savings: while it will require some upfront investment to adequately protect yourself from unauthorized access and hardware failure, you’ll find yourself paying much more if you skimp now and ignore the health of your network. Every instance of downtime is going to cost you by wasting resources. It interrupts projects and ruins workforce production, and if downtime is frequent you’ll develop a reputation for being unreliable  and unprofessional.

We know how to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, so you’ll be paying your workers to actually work instead of waiting around for equipment to get fixed.

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