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Move your Office experience online for flexible, mobile IT superiority!

You probably already use Microsoft Office applications to get a lot of work done every day. Outlook for email, Word for documents, Excel for spreadsheets… MS Office has been the go-to name in productivity for so long. How could it get any better?

Easy: Office 365. By moving to the cloud, Office has become easier to use and more effective than ever. Mobile access on any computer, flexible licensing options to match your budget, and customized features for email, instant messaging, file storage, and more.

And Sensible Systems, LLC. will help you get the most out of your Office 365 experience. We’ll ensure you get the right setup for your needs, an easy migration online, and access to all the features you want:

  • No huge upfront licensing fees as you can scale your subscription up or down at any time – only pay for what you’re actually using
  • Sensitive data stored in the cloud via hosted Exchange and SharePoint servers, so your files are kept safe from unauthorized access or disaster
  • Simple mobile access to your files and your productivity apps like Word, Excel, and Outlook – log in on any device to access everything you need
  • 99% uptime guaranteed by Microsoft to make sure you’re never down because of scheduled system maintenance or required upgrades
  • Automated data backups ensuring you don’t lose files because of a simple mis-click or a surprise power outage
  • Improved collaboration as you can easily create project based focus groups and share files between users with ease
  • Migration services from the Sensible Systems, LLC. team ensuring all your emails, calendars, settings, and files are transferred to your new solution without disruption

Sensible Systems, LLC.: Connecting your business to your technology.

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