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Is your network protected from all cyber threats?

The threat landscape is more dangerous than it used to be. Phishing scams have evolved from easy to spot Nigerian prince fantasies to professional-sounding IRS imposter schemes that shake people down for overdue fees and back taxes and convince victims to download a bogus payment program that is actually a virus.

Other new developments: cybercriminals can lock you out of your computer and hold files for ransom, threatening to delete everything unless you pay a fee, usually somewhere in the hundreds of dollars. Malware-infected USB drives are left lying in company parking lots because of the surprisingly high chance that an employee walking by will happen to see the drive and get curious enough to pick it up and plug it in to a work computer.

Those are just a few of the many threats that are out there. Sensible Systems, LLC. knows how to protect you from such attacks and keep equipment up and running so that your team members always have the tools they need to get their tasks done.

  • 24/7 monitoring: our firewalls and filters catch the majority of threats, but more cleverly crafted pieces of malware manage to sometimes get through. We keep a close watch of your network for anything that doesn’t look right
  • Set up a virtual private network (VPN): a VPN will protect you when remotely accessing business data with a mobile device over a public Wi-Fi connection. It’s convenient, downright cozy even, to work from a café with coffee and a pastry on the side. Sensible Systems, LLC. allows you to take advantage of public Wi-Fi without opening up your network to security threats
  • Ongoing employee training: all it takes is one reckless employee to ruin a stellar set of network security defenses. We’ll train your staff to browse the web responsibly and only open email attachments from sources they’re sure are legitimate

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