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Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are staples for businesses across the country and around the world.

But are you aware of the lesser-known and more business-oriented apps provided by Microsoft?

Sensible Systems, LLC. will assess your unique IT situation and determine if it makes sense for you to invest in additional software.

  • Azure: before the cloud was an option, it wasn’t easy to plan for future growth, especially if you were running a small business with limited resources. Scaling up your capability meant making a substantial upfront investment in new hardware, and then you have to consider the never-ending maintenance and electricity expenses that will over time be piled on top of the initial investment.

 Now we have the cloud and Microsoft Azure, which allows you remote access to an unlimited supply of server space. You can scale your service up easily without having to invest in additional equipment, and the extra maintenance and electricity are someone else’s problem.

  •  SharePoint: 75% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint , Microsoft’s premier collaboration platform. There are many reasons why SharePoint is so popular, in fact there are far too many features and benefits to list here.

 For one, Microsoft SharePoint will make your workers more productive by streamlining the way your business processes information (the same tasks can be completed in fewer steps). Another benefit: employees will be able to access business data from their laptop or smartphone instead of being restricted to a workstation at the office. Workers are able to get more done when they work at their own pace in an environment where they’re most comfortable.

  •  Exchange: how satisfied are you with your current email solution? Are you doing enough to protect yourself from web-based threats? Email is a popular tool among cybercriminals for gaining unauthorized access to other networks. They’ll send spam and phishing messages over to try and trick your employees into clicking a link or downloading an attachment that ends up infecting your network with malware.

 Exchange, Microsoft’s offering for business email, keeps you more secure by filtering out malicious messages. Your employees won’t be tricked because virus-packed emails won’t be in their inbox in the first place.

Sensible Systems, LLC. offers expert consulting. We know which tools will help you thrive, and we’re also able to determine which tools don’t have a lot to offer for your situation and aren’t worth investing in.

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