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Is moving to the cloud the right choice for your business?

It seems like moving to the cloud is a major trend lately, however, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your business. In fact, there are many times when the cloud isn’t actually a good fit; perhaps you simply need remote access instead of dealing with the time and hassle associated with migrating to the cloud.

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When it comes to the cloud, sure, there’s a multitude of benefits; but there’s also a multitude of risks, such as:

  • Not having complete control and/or ownership of your data once it’s moved to the cloud.
  • Not having adequate support when unexpected issues or potential downtime occurs.
  • Not having proper security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access or data theft.

Ultimately, the cloud isn’t always worth the risk, depending on what you’re actually looking to do via the cloud. How do we help you make the right choice regarding cloud services? We discuss the following factors:

  • Security: How sensitive is the data you’d potentially be storing in the cloud?
  • Availability: Do you need guaranteed uptime and around-the-clock access to your files and applications?
  • Support: How fast do you need your provider to respond, should something happen?

If the cloud is right for you, we’ll help you find the right cloud solution. If not, we’ll help you find an alternative that works for your unique needs.

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