Can you afford the cost of downtime?

When disaster strikes, the resulting downtime will end up costing you in many different ways.

There are tangible losses in the wasted work hours: time that could have been spent completing tasks and progressing through projects instead of waiting around for tech problems to be solved. There are also intangible losses: worker motivation takes a hit when downtime provides an easy excuse for delays, and constant downtime gives you a reputation for being unreliable and unprofessional.

Colorado businesses need reliable IT equipment to make the most out of their resources. Sensible Systems, LLC. provides the support you need to minimize downtime and make your workforce more productive.


There are many potential situations that will bring your systems down:  hardware failure, power outage, malware infection, user error, floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, etc.

We use a combination of on-site and off-site backups to ensure that your Denver business is able to recover from any type of disaster. Also, we will regularly assess your equipment and upgrade any weak spots to prevent future hardware failure.


We’ll keep software up to date with the latest patches to protect your network from new and developing threats.

One method cybercriminals use is sending emails that try to trick your employees into opening an attachment or following a link that infects your network with a virus. Our email filters stop malicious emails from reaching your inbox in the first place.

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Training also plays an important role in securing your network. Even the strongest defenses against cybercrime can be compromised by user error.

One surprisingly effective infiltration technique is to take an infected USB stick and leave it on the ground where someone walking from the parking lot to the business’s entrance will see it. More often than not, someone will pick up the thumb drive and plug it in just to see what’s on it.

This is how United States government was able to discretely disrupt the Iranian nuclear program with the Stuxnet virus and disable countless centrifuges. Even the security standards of a nuclear facility couldn’t stop the threat of a physical thumb drive.

We’ll train your employees to fight their curiosity and ignore mysterious USB sticks. We’ll also teach them to be overcautious about attachments and links contained in emails from sources that they’re not 100% sure about.

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