Benet Hill Monastery Trusts Sensible Systems to Eliminate Viruses, Move Their Email to the Cloud & Help Them Better Leverage Technology!

Benet Hill Monastery, established in Colorado Springs, CO, is rooted in over 1500 years of the Benedictine Tradition. Over the past 100 years, the sisters have provided a wide range of spiritual and educational services all over the world. When Benet Hill Monastery moved to another property and needed help improving the way they use technology, they knew they needed an IT services company they could trust.

As a monastery that’s looking to keep up with the rapidly evolving technologies of the 21st century, Benet Hill Monastery needed an IT services company to help them better understand and leverage information technology while eliminating frustrating malware infections, system crashes, and various other issues.

A Monastery Looking to Eliminate Constant Malware Infections, Move Their Email to the Cloud & Help Them Better Leverage Technology!

In 2009, after moving to another property in Black Forest, CO, Benet Hill Monastery decided to find an IT services company they could trust. Gina Berger, Communications Director at Benet Hill Monastery, explained, “We had a different IT company before, and they were unable to meet our needs.”

Sensible Systems was referred to Benet Hill Monastery by their own Prioress, who had knowledge of their work at another non-profit organization she worked for in Denver, CO. Gina explained, “She invited him out and they did an assessment. We were having viruses every 2 or 3 months on different computers and we found out that every user was set up as an administrator!”

An IT Services Company That Takes the Time Necessary to Understand Their Needs & Propose the Perfect Solution!

After meeting with Benet Hill Monastery, Sensible Systems came in and listened to their problems to better understand their unique needs and challenges – allowing them to propose the perfect solution and get started quickly:

  • Migrating their email to Exchange Online for better reliability and more useful features, such as email archiving.
  • Providing data backup and disaster recovery to ensure they’re able to recover operations when disaster strikes.
  • Implementing enterprise-grade anti-virus protection and a firewall to improve network security while eliminating virus infections.
  • Rebuilding their network server infrastructure with a combination of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 network services on-premise and Microsoft Office 365 for Exchange email and Office desktop applications.

Gina expressed her appreciation, “As we went through the process, they were really excellent! I learned a great deal about language, terminology, security, what to do and what not to do, what’s an emergency, we’ve gotten a huge amount of education from them! The education helps us understand what they offer and what they’re recommending for our future needs.”

She continued, “Take a serious look at Sensible Systems. They have current information and they can inform you, after assessing your needs, and speak with you about what you’re looking for – making recommendations and putting a plan in place that moves you to where you want to be. They’re great at helping you understand the things you NEED to know!”

Looking for more information about our IT services for non-profit organizations? Need help leveraging technology to meet your short and long-term goals? Contact Sensible Systems at (877) 773-6797 or send us an email: {email}.

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