Backup & Disaster Recovery

When your computer system is down, guess what? You’re out of business!

When it comes to technology, floods, fires, and Colorado snowstorms are just the tip of the iceberg.  While not as dramatic, equipment failure, computer viruses, and even human error or power outages can be just as costly.  The worst part is you can have your data backed up, but still be days or even weeks away from getting back to work.  Why? Because your computer network is more than just data, it’s your hardware, it’s your software, it’s your Internet connection, and even your building.

The scary part?  Regardless of the cause, most businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss simply don’t survive. In fact, last year 3 of 4 businesses that lost 50% of their data closed their doors within months of the disaster!

How do you make sure YOUR business doesn’t become a statistic?

By planning ahead with the help of Sensible Systems, LLC..  We help with:

  • Business continuity planning to ensure you know what to do if disaster strikes
  • Backup and recovery policies focused on quickly restoring operations.
  • Image-based backups which enable complete restoration of your files, applications, operating system(s), and more.
  • On premise and cloud based backups for fast recovery from small data losses or complete restoration in the event of a major disaster.
  • Regular testing of backup systems to ensure they work when disaster strikes
  • The ability to recreate your entire network in the cloud so you can work from any device, any time, anywhere

Sensible Systems, LLC. helps prepare you for any disaster by giving you the tools you need to keep working no matter what.

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