1 to 25 Employees

Small Business IT Services In Colorado

For small businesses with less than 25 employees, making the most out of your resources is all-important.

You have to streamline your operations and cut out any unnecessary expenses. There’s just too much competition out there for you to afford wasting any resources.

Small businesses often don’t have much room in their budget to cover IT expenses. Even low-level tech employees usually cost around $50,000 a year each. That’s an intimidating price, but without proper IT management you’ll get unreliable equipment and downtime that puts a serious dent in your production.

Sensible Systems, LLC. will meet all your IT needs at a price you can actually afford. Our services provide everything you’d get with an in-house IT department, all at a much lower cost.

  • Email filtering: one way malware could potentially sneak its way onto your network is by hiding in spam/phishing messages. Nigerian prince schemes are easy to avoid, but many modern scams are more convincing (watch out for official-looking emails supposedly from the IRS that threaten you with back taxes and penalties and ask you to download their “payment software”). We’ll filter out malicious messages so your employees are never tricked by cybercriminals
  • Remote monitoring: our filters and firewalls are effective, but the threat landscape is far too diverse to catch everything. We’ll remotely monitor your network 24/7, always searching for suspicious activity and eliminating viruses that slip through the cracks
  • Cloud migration: migrating to the cloud will protect your files from on-site disasters such as fires and floods. Also, you’ll be able to squeeze more production out of your employees, as they’ll be able to work on projects remotely from home or over public Wi-Fi instead of being restricted to the office

Sensible Systems, LLC. knows how to cut IT costs and boost worker productivity. We’ll allow you to get more value out of your resources.

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