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5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Business from Hackers

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hackersIf you think that your small-sized business would not attract hackers, think again. Cybercriminals target businesses – big or small, because of the apparent lack in IT security measures. 

Small to medium-sized businesses need to think past the size of their organization and realize that everyone is at risk for cyber-attacks: individuals, government agencies, banks, and businesses. Without the right tools and technology to prevent hackers from stealing your information, you are leaving your business prone to a major data breach.

Secure your valuable company data with the most trusted IT security service provider. Sensible Systems provides clients with up-to-date protection methods designed to protect your system from the latest, most advanced attacks. Contact us at (877) 773-6797 or send us an email at to get in touch with an IT security expert.

While advanced IT security tools can protect your system from external attacks, majority of the threats are still neutralized by simple office procedures that are often overlooked. Here are 5 simple ways to protect your business:

  1. Update your software

Never ignore software update notifications. Software updates are not just made to improve the functionality of a certain software; it also serves as a patch for vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. One of the most prolific zero-day exploits came from one of the most well-known software publishers, Adobe – which could have been easily prevented if the users opted to update their software after getting the notification from Adobe.

  1. Change your password regularly

Keeping track of your passwords can be quite confusing, but that does not excuse you from changing your passwords from time to time. Your password is the easiest way to gain access to your accounts, and it can be easily obtained through social engineering and keyloggers. Ensure that you are always protected by changing your passwords regularly. If you find it difficult to keep track of your passwords, you can opt to use a master password to secure all of your passwords.

  1. Update your antivirus

Threats to your business are created every day. That’s why antivirus software providers send out updates regularly to keep your system protected from the latest attacks. Allow your antivirus to search for new updates every time you start up your computer.

  1. Decommission digital keys

When an employee leaves your business, ensure that you have taken every step to decommission the digital keys used by your client to ensure that your business is protected. Digital keys can be used to access valuable data that you cannot afford to lose. Keep track of what an employee has access to and immediately decommission digital keys as soon as an employee leaves your company.

  1. Know which emails you should open

Just last year, thousands of systems were infected with CryptoWall, a ransomware that encrypts the files on your system, preventing you from accessing your files unless you pay a certain fee. The prevailing delivery method for Cryptowall is spam email attachments, just like many other destructive malware before it. As a rule of thumb, never open email attachments from people who you do not know. In your business, this means educating your staff about the types of email attachments that they should never open to prevent costly malware damages.

Protect your business assets starting with your IT infrastructure. Sensible Systems provides IT security services to ensure that your business has a sturdy backbone of IT services that you could always rely on. Contact us at (877) 773-6797 or send us an email at to get in touch with an IT security expert.

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